PowerDent Pulse Denture Brush

The right tools are important if you want to do a good job. If you’re drinking soup you use a spoon instead of a fork. If you’re going jogging you wear runners instead of flip-flops. And if you’re cleaning your dentures you should use a power denture brush designed specifically for dentures instead of a regular or power toothbrush.

The PowerDent Pulse denture brush is simply the right tool for the important job of blasting away plaque, debris, stains and tartar from your dentures to keep your mouth clean.

Why the PowerDent Pulse Denture Brush?

  • Cleans hard-to-reach areas
  • Improves oral health
  • Blasts away plaque and debris
  • Removes bacterial plaque for optimal oral health
  • Easy to hold and use
  • Doesn’t scratch dentures
  • Removes stains and freshens breath
  • And if your mouth and gums are clean, your breath is fresher, your smile is whiter and you are healthier.

And if your mouth and gums are clean, your breath is fresher, your smile is whiter and you are healthier.

Cleans in the hardest to reach places

The PowerDent Pulse™ denture brush uses patented Pulse technology and a patented Dual Head design to ensure all surfaces of your denture, including the hard-to-reach grooves that fit onto the gums, are thoroughly and effortlessly cleaned outside of your mouth.

Removes bacterial plaque for better health

Use the denture brush after soaking to ensure the cleanest clean. Even after soaking alone, sometimes plaque and debris remain in the deep gum fitting grooves. Over time this plaque turns into hard, calcified tartar and becomes even harder to clean. By thoroughly deep-cleaning your dentures every day using the PowerDent Pulse™ you can disrupt this cycle and inhibit tartar build-up.

Easy to hold and use

No matter your strength, dexterity or vision, the PowerDent Pulse denture brush is easy to use. Simply turn it on and hold it to the denture surface using the large rubber grip – the rapid pulsating action of the brush blasts away the stains and debris for you.

Better than a regular toothbrush

A regular toothbrush is designed to be soft enough to brush teeth and gums in your mouth. These short, soft bristles are not designed for dentures. They don’t reach down into the deep grooves on the gum fitting side of dentures and are too soft to effectively clean all surfaces – especially hard to reach ones. Along with power toothbrushes, they’re just not designed for dentures.

The PowerDent Pulse™ denture brush is designed by dental professionals specifically for dentures. Used outside of your mouth, the brush does all of the work for you.


Ultrasonic Denture Bath

Cleaning your false teeth ultrasonically gives you a way to “scrub” their surface at a microscopic level.

These units don’t replace denture brushing, they supplement it. They make it possible for you to dislodge microorganisms and debris at a level where your brush’s bristles have minimal effect.

Oxyfresh Super Relief Dental Gel



With Oxyfresh Super Relief Dental Gel, You’ll Be Smiling.

Condition, soothe and deodorize your gums with Super Relief Dental Gel from Oxyfresh.

With a super-fresh wintergreen flavor, Super Relief Formula delivers powerful healing power with Zinc and Folic Acid. Super Relief Gel is formulated with Oxyfresh’s patented odor-eliminating combination of zinc and Oxygene® to promote fresh breath by neutralizing the volatile sulfur compounds responsible for halitosis.

Features of Super Relief Dental Gel:

  • Helps eliminate canker sores
  • Speeds healing of oral cuts and scrapes
  • Deodorizes oral wounds
  • Conditions irritated gums

Oral Balance Relief Gel


  • Soothes and protects dry oral tissues from minor irritations, itching and burning sensations
  • Provides up to 8 hours of comfort
  • Contains Biotène’s antibacterial enzymes to help neutralize odors and unpleasant taste.
  • Non-drying formula also helps mouth breathers
  • Improves retention under dentures
  • Sugar-free, pleasant tasting gel formula

Renew Denture Cleaner

Key Features of Renew Denture Cleaner:

  • Outstanding product and professional strength performance.
  • Guaranteed to remove: Tobacco, Iron, Plaque, Coffee, Calcium, Calculus, Tea, Tartar and Bacteria.
  • Proven in the market place for more then 20 years.

Advantages of Renew To Denture Wearers

  • Renew customers consistently enjoy an extremely high level of satisfaction, with the unbeatable cleaning might of Renew.
  • First time Renew users can experience the power of Renew at no cost with access to free samples from your denturists.
  • Renew denture cleaner customers feel confident they’re receiving value for their purchase.
  • Renew is considered one of the best denture cleaners in Canada and has been preferred over Efferdent, Polident, Stain Away, Denture Brite, Sparkle Dent  and Clean Dent.


Now you can safely remove plaque and food partials from teeth and stimulate gums without damaging or disturbing dental work.brushpicks

The BrushPick® protects gums with a rounded safety tip, effectively removes food particles with tiny bristles, maneuvers around teeth and molars, and has a triangle shaped tip that fits between teeth.

Fresh Breath is Just a Spritz Away

Treat yourself to a refreshing blast of complete breath confidence with lemon-mint flavored Oxyfresh Breath Spray. It’s a quick dose of fresh breath — right at your fingertips!

Maximum breath controlBreath Spray

Breath Spray is formulated with a patented combination of Oxygene® and zinc acetate for unparalleled breath protection that lasts 6 hours! Research shows this exclusive formula helps remove more of the different kinds of molecules that cause bad breath, making it extremely effective.

  •        Convenient, 24/7 maximum breath protection
  •        Clinically proven Power Rinse formula solution
  •        Promotes salivary flow for dry mouth sufferers
  •        Cavity-fighting xylitol reduces plaque formation
  •        Soothing benefits of aloe vera
  •        Non-aerosol tube
  •        Alcohol free, no burn
  •        Essential oils

Invigorating citrus flavor

Breath Spray is infused with a natural lemon-mint flavor to stimulate a healthy salivary flow and leave your mouth feeling exceptionally clean and fresh. And it contains aloe to provide relief for any irritation, soreness or inflammation in the mouth.


The Sulcabrush is effective in removing plaque, reducing gingivitis, and improving overall oral health. The Sulcabrush is recommended for patients who have implants.

Denture Brush

Denture brushes are designed for cleaning dentures  and provides freshness and effective stain removal.









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