How should I  choose my denturist?

Decisions  about who makes your dentures will have long lasting effects on your  health, well being and quality of life.  Take time to ask questions,  talk to other denture wearers, and gather information.  If you do  this, you will be best prepared to choose the right denturist to  service all your denture needs for years to come.

You  might ask denturists about their continuing education in the field of  denturism.  Do they regularly attend denture conferences?  Do they  belong to peer study groups or take steps to confer with other dental  professionals?  Do they participate in advanced training courses?   Finding a denturist who keeps up with recent advances and has  maintained his or her expertise will help ensure success.

Another  way to assess a denturist’s work is to pay attention to the smiles  around you.  Look for denture work that looks natural and complements  the appearance of the denture wearer.  Ask the denture wearer about  the comfort and function of their denture, and about the level of  service they receives from their denturist.